Multimedia Journalist


After living in Brazil, French Guiana and Paris, I am currently in London, where I write for EWAG, a Caribbean media.  

I was born in Brazil and I grew up between two amazons: Macapá (Amapá, Brazil) and Cayenne (French Guiana, France). 

After high school, I decided to continue my studies in Paris. Today, I speak three languages and with my pen and my camera, I cover cultural and societal topics. 

 Passionate about literature, cinema and photography, I’ve studied literature and language at Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle (Paris), Brazilian history and literature at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (São Paulo), and Journalism at MediaSchool (London)

As a freelancer, I write about cultural and economical projects about people from my city, (Cayenne).

 During my studies, I have had the opportunity to meet people from different places. Sometimes these people don’t have the opportunity to speak, despite the fact that they have innumerable things to say. A few articles about them coming soon here

On this website, I share my recent articles, pictures, and documentaries. I hope that you’ll hear these voices through my world, my words, my pictures or my videos, or, perhaps, just with my plume.